Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flesh Wound

Had to shovel snow today before I could get out.  Did the main ramp and a path to the garage.  Went to Senior lunch, got groceries, shoveled walk to front step at Town House, checked house, came home for Gma's lunch.  Then it was time to shovel the trailer ramp so I could get clean clothes for tomorrow. 

The ice in front of the ramp and I didn't see eye to eye.  That ice just pulled my feet out from under me and knocked me to the ground, flat on my back.  My head hit the snow pile, so that was good, but it got my chesire cat hat all wet.  Took a few minutes to get up and I crawled to the house ramp rail for better footing.  That damn ice is hard! And it hurt!  Threw some more snow over the ice so I could get traction and finished shoveling the ramp.  Got my clothes and changed into some dry stuff as well. 

Some stiffness set in later and I was moving kinda slow, but I was moving.  Couldn't sit for a long period of time as it stiffened up, so I kept getting up and down and walking around the house.  Tonight it's much better, but still have some sore spots.  Will probably have more by morning in different places.  Gma got upset because I fell down and she can't do anything to help.  I had to tell her because I wasn't moving very fast.  I can bend and stoop, and did a few leg swings and that worked.  Just as long as I don't move too fast or turn too sharply, I'm fine.

Had to go into town this evening to meet Gayle and used the seat heater.  Boy!  Did that ever feel good.  Gayle needed to get a box she had there and she did, so she shoveled my sidewalk for me and part of the driveway while she was killing time to go to Bible Study.  That worked out well as I wasn't going to do anymore shoveling for awhile.

Not sure how the bus ride to Cody is going to go, but I'll see in the morning.  I'm going to sleep on the heat pad tonight and that should help.  I've been sitting on a really soft pillow all afternoon.  Might have to take it with me for the bus tomorrow.  Will see.

Anyway it really isn't bad now, so I guess I'm going to live.

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  1. Oh, Mom! Glad you didn't whack your head very hard.