Saturday, February 28, 2015

injury report

Things are slowly getting better.  I can move better and faster, just get a bit stiff and sore if I sit too long.  Can't tell if my butt is black and blue because I can't see it, but it sure feels like it might be.  My knee is still sore to touch and is black and blue, but doesn't hurt to move it.  Then I discovered a bruise on my elbow that I didn't know was there until I saw it in the mirror when I combed my hair.  It doesn't hurt, but there is a small bump and a chafe mark. 

Had to sweep snow off the ramps again today.  I managed to get on the ramp without stepping on the ice under the snow.  Found the de-icer stuff and really socked it to that icy spot.  I'm still not stepping on it though. 

Got the front porch all cleaned off for Gma to go to Church tomorrow.  Hope it doesn't snow again tonight.  Sweeping and shoveling don't seem to bother my sore spots, just as long as I don't move too fast.  I don't have to pick up shovelfuls of snow, just scoop it off, then sweep. 

I'll just keep taking it slow and easy for awhile and one of these days I won't even remember I was sore.

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