Thursday, February 26, 2015

injury recovery

Yay!!  Today I was "good to go" on the bus.  Slept on the heat pad last night which helped immensely.  Took tylenol before left home and then another one at noon time.  Worked great.  I walked around just like always.  There were a couple of twinges going up the steps, but not going down.  I bruised my tail bone so I expect it will be kinda sore for a week or so before it's gone completely, but at least I can walk and bend and stoop.    Got along without a super soft pillow on the chairs.  All is good.

I do have a black and blue spot on my knee and can't figure out how I got that.  I fell flat on my back, not my knees.  Might have gotten it when I crawled to the other ramp to get up. That ice was hard for crawling.
Only one knee is bruised, not the other one.  They both had equal crawling time.  It's only sore to touch, not for movement.

I'm just following in my Mother's footsteps.  She used to take tumbles and came out relatively unscathed.

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  1. Glad you are doing better. The seat heater was a great idea!