Saturday, April 25, 2015

another busy week

Thought I'd have more leisure time this week.  WRONG!!!!

There was Seniors Monday and Wednesday and the bus to Cody on Thursday.  That's the day those of us on the bus decided to meet the next morning for breakfast at the ElkHorn.  We've talked about it before, but our schedules were all too busy to get it in.  So this week we just did it.  Was a fun morning and we all enjoyed our breakfasts and the visit.  Will have to do it more often now. 

Tuesday I went to Cody in the morning to get my hair cut.  It was long, long, long overdue.  Then got back in time to fix lunch and go back to Cody to take Gma to the doctor about her sore shoulder.  She wrenched it one night pulling up the covers.  Said she heard it pop.  She thought it would go away, so we put thergesic on it a couple of nights, but that didn't help.  She would take tylenol which did help her sleep some, but it wasn't working real well either.  If she could get it positioned just right she could sleep, but then she'd move and it would hurt enough to wake her up again.  So off to the doc we went Tuesday afternoon.  It wasn't swollen or bruised, but he thought it needed to be x-rayed.  Good news was it wasn't broken, bad news was she had torn the rotor cuff.  She doesn't do well with pain pills, but she told him she could handle codeine.  He prescribed tylenol 3 which has codeine and it seems to help some.  At least she sleeps for longer periods of time at night.  She will only take one at night.  She says it doesn't hurt so much in the daytime when she's sitting up.  She can rest it on the arm of her chair.  He also showed her an easy exercise to do so it doesn't stiffen up.  It doesn't put any pressure on the shoulder, but keeps it moving.  She does that when she comes to the table. 

Gayle brought more stuff to put in my shop.  This is the big furniture type stuff.  She had some Sunday and again on Thursday. 

Saturday evening I went to a wedding.  It was supposed to be in the back yard of the Oasis, but it was raining tonight, so they moved it into the ElkHorn.  That was where the reception was to be held anyway.  I didn't stay for all that. 


  1. Hope Grandma gets to feeling better soon. Who got married? That looks like Hawk all cleaned up.

  2. Her shoulder is quite painful. Will probably have to go back to the doc to see what else she can have. Don't know if they can give shots for torn rotor cuffs or not, She can't handle pain pills and this tylenol only lasts a few hours.

    Yes that is Hawk. He married the gal he's been with for over a year. She was working in the cafe when you were here before. She helped him when he was fixing stuff at my town house. She's pretty friendly, I like her.