Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Busy week

Last week we were on the go all week.  Monday was Seniors, Tuesday I went to Hdn to vacuum more cobwebs and check out my house.  Then went to the realtor and put it on the market.  Good feeling to have that done.  Wednesday was Seniors again, Thursday went to Cody on the Senior bus, Friday the Seniors went to lunch at the Senior Center in Worland.  That was fun as we got to visit with some Mtse people that now live in Worland.  Two of us used to live in Worland and now live in Mtse.  Saturday I went back to Worland for Katie Janicek's party.  She earned her degree in Criminal Justice.  It was also the same time as the Geis's Old Geezer Party so they combined it all in one.  They are all relatives, so it worked out. Got a short visit with all the Bains and Janiceks.  Sunday Dave and Karen were here for a visit and I took them to lunch at the ElkHorn.

This week has been just about as busy.  Senior lunches Monday and Wednesday, Senior bus to Cody on Thursday.  Tuesday Gma went to see the doctor about her sore shoulder.  She wrenched it pulling up the covers a couple of weeks ago and figured it would go away.  But it didn't and seemed to be getting sorer.  They took x-rays and she has a torn rotor cuff.  Gave her a prescription for tylenol 3 for pain and some easy exercises that won't over tax it, but will keep it moving.  The tylenol makes her sleep better and she only takes one a night.  She can take more, but she won't. 

So far nothing going on Friday, but Saturday I go to the Oasis for a wedding. Reception to follow at ElkHorn. 

Sometime next week I'm going to have to mow my grass.  I noticed today that it's getting tall since the last wet snow. Dandelions are showing up as well, so will have to get out the weed spray too. 

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