Thursday, April 2, 2015

Arlene's retirement

Last Sunday we went to Arlene's retirement party at the Senior Center.  She has been delivering mail on our route for 25 1/2 years.  We will miss her as she did extra stuff for us sometimes.  Now we have to train a new person.  The new guy went with her a couple of times and she said he was writing everything down in a notebook, so will see how well he remembers.  I rather suspect I'll have to actually check our mail box from time to time.  Arlene would raise the flag if we had mail.  We don't get much on the route anymore except junk mail.  But now and again we get a card from someone who doesn't have our box. 

It was a nice party.  Gma wasn't going to go, but later decided she would if we went early before the crowd started.  So she went.  Arlene was really happy to see her there.  Joe and Alice were there and Alice really got excited to see her.  Wanted her picture taken with Gracie and also with Dan and Arlene.  She forgot to bring a camera so asked if I'd take them for her.  I did.  One of Arlene's daughters was taking pics of everyone so she got some too.  Won't have to make extras for Arlene.  All of the Griffin kids and most of their kids were there.  Lots of local people came as well as lots of Arlene's relatives. 

Virginia Salzman Foreman and her cousin Fr. Tom Ogg were there from Ten Sleep. They are cousins to Arlene.  I had seen Virginia at the REA meeting and told her to stop by if she ever happened to be over here.  So she took me up on it and Fr. Tom brought her up to the house before the party.  It was good to see her and she and Gma had a nice visit.  Virginia was in my sister's high school class.  Fr. Tom was in Sonny Bain's class. 

After Gma visited and had her picture taken with the Griffins and Kordonoways, she inspected the cake and told Dan to save her a piece.  Then she was ready to go home.  I took her home and then went back and actually visited with Arlene and some of her kids, had my cake and punch.  Dan fixed a piece of cake for Gma and I brought it home.  She thought it was a pretty big piece and we could cut it in two, so I could have some too.  I said I had my cake there.  And she did eat the whole thing with her ice cream.

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