Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life in Mtse

We had a nice Easter just doing nothing.  Ate pot pies for our Easter dinner.  Nice change and very little clean up or preparation.  Betty Potas brought Gma some mint ice cream bars on Saturday, so we had that for dessert.

I've been cleaning my yard for spring.  So far I've raked 4 garbage bags of dead grass and leaves.  Got all the side yard done and pulled some stuff out of the bushes in front.  Raked up part of the back yard.  Did where the bushes are between the house and garage and by the greenhouse. 

George Franzen asked me for some pieces of wood, so I have him three and he is to come Friday or Saturday and hang some big pictures for me in the garage.  Gayle fixed that one of Spain and I've decided to hang it above one of the windows in the garage along with the beer one that was left there.  She washed that one and cleaned it up too.  Looks quite nice.  Then I have a couple of other big ones that I want up high. 

Yesterday and today I moved the wood pile.  Figured if its out of sight it'll be out of mind.  I'm not using it, but I don't want to sell it either.  Not sure what I'll do with it, but for now I'm keeping it.  Will use a couple of them for sitting on by the front steps or the back steps.  Might use some for seating in the greenhouse picnic area.  I'll think of something.  There is a big community yard sale coming up May 1st in conjunction with the fishing derby.  Don't really want to have to explain the wood then.  There were 151 pieces of wood that I moved.  Took the smaller ones in the wagon and the bigger pieces with the dolly.  Worked at it an hour and a half yesterday and another hour today.  There is still one big log between the garage and the fence, but I can't lift it.  Now I can get to that part of my yard and rake dead weeds.  Will make it easier to get back there to spray weeds, too.

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